Spousal Support Attorneys

Among the many contested areas that couples must settle in a divorce, spousal support — also known as alimony — can be among the most contentious.

At Martineau, Hackett, O’Neil & Klaus, PLLC, we are dedicated to meeting all the legal needs of our central Michigan clients when they are going through a divorce. Our attorneys are veteran litigators with extensive experience in family law matters. We know how to develop winning legal strategies and advocate for our clients' positions. Whether they are in a position to receive alimony or pay it, we ensure that their interests are protected and that they are treated fairly during a divorce proceeding.

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Clients Have A Legal Ally In Our Isabella County Alimony Lawyers

Skilled representation is essential in divorce proceedings where alimony is likely to be sought by either party. Courts in Michigan do not follow specific formulas for determining who is eligible to receive spousal support or the amount and duration of any award. Instead, courts consider several factors to determine what is fair and in the interests of both parties.

Because a court's judgment is subjective, the superior advocacy of our experienced family law attorneys places our clients in a position of strength when alimony determinations are made. We ensure that they are not taken advantage of by the other party and that the judge has all the relevant facts that favor our clients. Equipped with the right legal strategy, our clients receive the maximum award possible when they are entitled to alimony and are given fair terms when a court determines that they will make support payments.

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