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Whether a one-time mistake or a potential repeat offense, any arrest and charge on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (OWI, also known as DUI) or possessing illegal drugs should be taken seriously. Working through the criminal justice system without experienced representation can increase the likelihood of jail time, fines and a permanent mark on one's criminal record.

People in central and northern Michigan can turn to the experienced attorneys of Martineau, Hackett, O’Neil & Klaus, PLLC to handle every aspect of their criminal case. We devote our resources to helping people who have been charged with drunk driving or any type of serious drug crime. We are here to be a legal advocate and ally for our Michigan clients. Contact us to discuss your case.

Efficient, Effective Defense From Experienced Isabella County Drug Crime Lawyers

Getting a criminal case dropped or won through acquittal depends on a lawyer's ability to look closely at the facts of the case and determine the best strategy to pursue.

Our firm works closely with our clients, listening to their stories and examining every detail. We are aggressive in identifying errors made by arresting police officers or the prosecution; these can result in crucial evidence being suppressed or a case being thrown out completely. We strive to find the most efficient way of protecting our clients' freedom when they are faced with the possibility of long jail sentences and significant fines.

Clients who have been charged with a second offense — or even a third offense — turn to our firm to develop a defense strategy that will help them avoid the worst consequences of an expanded criminal record. We decide whether it is in a client's best interests to negotiate with the prosecution for a reduced sentence or probation or to take a case to trial and seek acquittal. In every case, we do what is best for our clients and are always available to address their concerns whenever they arise.

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