Business Division Attorneys

The family law practice of Martineau, Hackett, O’Neil & Klaus, PLLC focuses on providing effective legal strategies to individuals involved in complex divorces and separations. Our attorneys have established themselves as skilled problem solvers who successfully protect our clients' interests during delicate, frequently contentious proceedings.

We have represented doctors, other professionals and business owners who want assurance that their business will be handled fairly during a divorce. They entrust our firm to act in their best interests, and we endeavor to deliver results for them.

Isabella County Business Valuation Lawyers

Handling complex business matters during a divorce proceeding requires extensive experience working with financial experts to ascertain the complete financial picture of both parties. Our attorneys frequently work with forensic accountants, business valuation experts and other professionals to determine the total worth of a client's business. We approach negotiation with the goal of fairly representing a client's business value to the other party. In cases where a client is seeking a divorce from a nonworking spouse, we develop solutions to allow our client to maintain his or her practice without unjustly benefiting the nonworking spouse.

We also represent clients in joint business ventures with their spouses. While these situations can be particularly delicate to resolve, MHOK works diligently to pursue settlements that are fair to our clients and their businesses. We collaborate with our clients to determine when retaining business ownership is the best course of action and when a speedy resolution by dividing business interests is preferable.

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Few central Michigan firms can match our firm's experience and commitment to successful advocacy. Our Mount Pleasant business division lawyers are ready to assist you with your business valuation and other divorce needs. Contact our firm online or call 989-773-9961 to arrange a consultation at our Mount Pleasant office.