Family Law Attorneys

When representing our clients in divorce and other family law disputes, the attorneys of Martineau, Hackett, O’Neil & Klaus, PLLC, stand out in several ways.

We are a team of seasoned litigators with more than a century of combined experience and a record of successfully resolving cases. We appear frequently in court and have developed superior litigation experience. Most importantly, we emphasize client interaction and collaboration in our family law practice. Our clients can expect that we will be responsive to their concerns and keep them apprised of every development in their case.

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Isabella County Divorce Lawyers

We handle every aspect of our clients' divorce cases. We represent individuals in relatively straightforward divorce settlements and routinely handle complex divorce litigation where significant assets are in dispute.

Family law issues that our firm regularly resolves for our clients include:

  • Child custody: Whether we can negotiate a custody agreement with the other party or must go to court and assert our clients' parental rights, we stand committed to help them obtain fair custodial rights and do what is in the best interests of the children involved.
  • Spousal support: Because courts do not use a specific formula for determining when to award alimony, our skilled attorneys develop comprehensive legal strategies to put our clients in a position of strength, whether they will make support payments or receive them.
  • Asset division: Our firm has the resources to handle complex divorce cases in which real estate, investments and other assets are being contested by the parties. We ensure that our clients' interests are protected and that their share of marital assets is maximized.
  • Business division: We have significant experience representing doctors and other professionals and business owners who have particular business interests they wish to protect during a divorce. We counsel these clients on the best strategies to allow their practice to proceed following court determinations regarding property division and spousal support.

Our full-service family law practice represents our clients in all legal proceedings, including child custody and support disputes, as well as adoption cases. We also offer mediation services for couples wishing to pursue a lower-conflict alternative to traditional divorce litigation.

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Our Mount Pleasant family law lawyers take pride in listening carefully to our clients' legal needs and responding to their concerns with effective legal solutions. Contact us to explore your options for successfully resolving your matter. Call 989-773-9961, or email us.