Criminal Defense Attorneys

When individuals turn to our firm for their criminal defense needs, they often face an uncertain experience with the criminal justice system. Some clients have been investigated for serious crimes for a period of time, while others are arrested suddenly and find themselves needing an experienced legal advocate by their side.

At Martineau, Hackett, O’Neil & Klaus, PLLC, we provide our Michigan clients with unmatched experience and commitment to obtaining positive outcomes. Our distinguished attorneys possess more than a century of combined experience, and many have worked within the court system. Individuals who retain our services have confidence that we will work vigilantly to help them avoid the worst consequences of the crimes they are charged with.

Our Mount Pleasant Assault Defense Lawyers Provide­Representation For Many Types Of Cases

Our firm focuses on providing high-quality criminal defense to individuals charged with serious crimes. These can include:

  • Operating while intoxicated (OWI), also known as DUI
  • Drug cases, including possession, distribution and manufacturing
  • Felony theft crimes
  • Felony sexual assault

We also represent juvenile defendants and handle record expungements.

When we meet with a client, we spend considerable time listening to his or her full story and begin working quickly to assemble all the facts necessary to determine how to proceed. Our attorneys excel at developing effective defense strategies that emphasize facts favorable to our clients. We take every opportunity to highlight errors made by police or the prosecution.

In some cases, the best strategy will include negotiating with the prosecution for a reduced sentence. In others, taking a case to trial to seek acquittal will be in a client's best interests. We ensure that our clients are always fully informed about the strategic decisions we make and have opportunities to address their concerns.

Contact MHOK Today For Criminal Defense Representation With Experience

Those with criminal defense needs should seek the counsel of an experienced team of attorneys who are ready to be an ally through the criminal justice system. Contact our central Michigan criminal defense lawyers for superior legal representation and guidance. Email our firm or call 989-773-9961 for a free phone consultation.

Individuals in northern Michigan can schedule an appointment at our Cheboygan office.